Marriage and Family Seminars/Retreats

We have a national epidemic of divorce! It is estimated that three (3) out of five (5) marriages will not survive more than three (3) years. There are many unintended consequences of divorce. Families are torn apart and affected forever. We can help.Hamms

Drs. Hamm have a long history of counseling in Marriage and Family issues. Dr. Ron Hamm founded the Institute of Counselor Development /School of Ministry and Counseling (, to train others in the ministry of counseling. With over 50 years of marriage and 40 years of counseling experience, the Hamms have a great wealth of knowledge and insight into the various needs facing marriage in todays society.

Dr. Ron Hamm, has a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Counseling Sciences to include Domestic Violence and Parenting. His credentials include, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor/Advanced Certification, ( National Christian Counselors Association) Certified Forensic Counselor in Domestic Violence ( National Association of Forensic Counselors). He is also a State of Tennessee Rules 31 Mediator/Family Mediation Specialist.

Dr. Diane Hamm is also a Licensed Pastoral Counselor ( National Christian Counselor Association) and is available for Women’s conferences and seminars. She has a great focus on the life of minister’s wives and the role they play in the church. She is accomplished in many areas and would be a blessing to those who call upon her.

Ron Hamm teachingThe Hamm Family Ministries are available to conduct/or present at Marriage Retreats, Conferences, and Seminars. The unique style of humor and truth combine to make this a pleasant experience. Using the Arno Profile System, the ability to teach people “Why” they do what they do and how to make it all work, is immensely successful. You will be uplifted and encouraged with your relationship. Please check for availability.