Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Postvention

Ron HammIn every country of the world, suicide now accounts for one of the highest percentages of death among teens. We are losing 22 soldiers per week to suicide. Men over 70 are the highest percentage of suicide victims. Suicidal behavior occurs for many different reasons. For many, suicide is about escaping pain. Individuals from any religion can be at risk of suicide.


Learn more about suicide and how to deal with it.

Dr. Hamm is available to Conduct or/present at Suicide Intervention Seminars.

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While Dr. Hamm’s credentials include Provisional Trainer for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) , he is also qualified in the areas of Prevention and Postvention. Options are available for seminars on each of these topics or a combination of topics.

Dr. Hamm regularly trains police departments, health care workers, teachers, and ministers, the intricacies of working with those who entertain suicidal thoughts, those who are affected by the loss of someone to suicide , or those who have attempted. He has assisted many families in this time of crisis. He has served with the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network.

With over 20 years of experience of teaching, training and implementation in this area, Dr. Hamm has been a voice for news articles and radio programs. His compassionate approach to this subject will help to put this terrible issue into perspective.

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