Let the blogging begin!

I have told people for many years, that I remember when “beepers” first came out. I hated those things. Right in the middle of a conversation, someone’s “beeper” would go off and our great time of fellowship was ruined by the interruption. So, I tell the story that in order to not look like an old stick in the mud, I would put my garage door opener on my belt so I at least LOOKED like I was savvy to the tech world.

Someone’s “beeper ” would go off and , of course everyone checked to see if it were theirs. I would look down at my garage door opener and smile. That also came in handy when I Wanted to leave a boring conversation. I would just look down at it and point and have that ” I need to get this ” look on my face.

Fast forward a few decades and I am now tethered to an electronic leash called a cell phone. I live by that stupid thing and I am retired! How funny is that. I can text, place calls, get directions, play games, take pictures, make a full length motion picture with special effects, fly an airplane and google what every word in the bible is in Greek and Hebrew. I don’t take my physical bible to church anymore if I am not preaching. I just stare at my phone which has every version of the bible at the touch of a finger.

I have to admit to staying on social media far too much. But then …I am retired so I check everyday to see which of my friends passed or is in the hospital. At my age, I have few friends who are well. When I had my heart attack last September, I updated my status on FB on the way to the hospital! People were calling me before I got in the ER. Some things are just too marvelous for words.

Now, I find myself sitting at my desk writing a “blog” (whatever that is) on a laptop Macbook Pro (whatever that is) on my own web site (whatever that is). I am learning some of the language as I go and the small abbreviations ┬álike “idk” and “omg” and stuff. I am clicking and pressing on keys and using my “mouse” (whatever that is) and just basically enjoying the toys.

Since all this is available, I decided that I might spend some time sharing my experiences and life lessons with people. It is my intention to try to blog once a week at least. I am also writing books.

I have posted on FB that big changes were coming this year. This is one of those changes. I hope to be able to discuss some things with you all that are meaningful and give some insight to those who have questions. (Please don’t ask if Adam and Eve had a belly button). We are going to have some fun, laugh a lot and maybe even share a tear or two when the situation calls for it.

My hope is that you will join me on this new journey. I will do my best to never be disrespectful or demeaning in any way. I certainly hope you will comment on the blogs and share them with your friends if you see something worthy of repeating.

In the mean time, please pray that I learn what “twitter” is and how to use it. Don’t even mention “snap chat”. My tech friends (Wendy Page, Annette Lee, John Huffman,) understand my issues. Thanks for your patience.

God bless and lets have some fun.

My first blog

This is the start of something I hope will be a blessing.

It has been my intention to blog for several years now. I am finally getting some free time and help with the computer to accomplish my goal.

My prayer is that you will be uplifted and informed. The nature of my blogs will never be intentionally written to create confusion or adverse debate.

Please feel free to respond to me on anything I write. I love diversity of thought. I consider it the fertile ground of new ideas.