Angelman Syndrome Awareness

Drs. Hamm are the grand parents of Isabella Hamm. She is a Chinese orphan adopted in 2003 by their son Regie and his wife Yolanda.

Soon after her arrival in the US, it was clear she had some physical and mental difficulties. A five (5) year search for diagnosis revealed that she had a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome.

The Hamms are dedicated to working with the Angel Wings Foundation. This organization, founded by Regie and Yolanda, work to spread awareness of this rare disorder and to assist families with diagnosis, treatment, therapies, etc. (link to Angel Wings Foundation). They have been instrumental in bringing families into contact with each other for support and education about this very difficult condition. The families of “Angels” is constantly widening.

No matter what other ministry we are engaged in, we will continue to promote Angel Wings Foundation. Our desire is to bring as much prayerful attention to this rare and difficult disorder as possible. We are constantly working to contact families who deal with this and bring comfort and hope to them.

Please join the prayer partners for parents of special needs kids. They are doing the work of God.