A day in Washington DC

A window for the church

I just returned from Washington DC. It was not my first trip to DC nor my first time to visit the White House. I have been to Washington many times. It was, however, the first time that I had received an invitation to come to a White House briefing. I had gone there once before to testify to a Senate Sub Committee on being a victim of a radiation experiment while a fetus. It was a very large issue during the Clinton administration. My mother and I discovered we were used as human guinea pigs in an experiment to see how radiation would affect a fetus. I thought everyone glowed in the dark. We did win that class action suit. We each received a very small settlement. I think it was a few thousand dollars each.

But this trip was different. We were there to receive some exciting news for the church! You know….The Church! And this news can and should motivate us like nothing has in a very long time.

We learned that every Administration Cabinet Office has been assigned a “Faith Director”. The President has asked that the Faith Director reach out to the Church to ask how the White House might help us do ministry. As we all know, President Trump is very concerned about the huge drug problem in our country. He knows full well that the Church has the answer for helping to change lives. He is concerned that we be given all the assistance possible in doing our part in sharing this story.

I was amazed at all the Faith Directors who work in the Administration as they shared their personal faith in Christ. They shared the feeling of freedom not seen in decades to pray and seek God for answers to all the issues being faced. TheFaith Director for FEMA shared that for some reason, this President LOVES pastors and preachers.

So, to make this as simple as I can, delegations from different states that are hand picked are coming to interact with those Faith Directors to bring ideas, inspiration etc, to get us to rise up and do the work for which we have been called. The President believes that many of the things we do politically were the mandate of the Church. He wants to make that opportunity OURS again. It’s basically coming down to less talk…more action. He believes we hold the key to the success of people’s lives through Christ. I agree with him on this one.

So, the Faith Leaders led us in prayer. Jason Crabb was selected to be there and like the rest of us was not sure why. He led us, along with other singers, in Amazing Grace and I’d Rather Have Jesus. Church broke out! We praised, we sang, we prayed, and we accepted the challenge.

The benefits being offered will become more  clear in the future, but they are amazing….take that from me. I was moved to tears as I saw the possibility of that next great move of God for our country. This decision from the White House is something I have  never seen before in my 71 years. Love him or hate him, he, Trump, believes in the Church and it’s mandate. I don’t care about your opinion of him. I care about the opportunity being afforded us. We must join this effort.

Nothing was said about trying to get votes, or popularity polls or anything of that nature. It was just about “How can we assist the Church”…..I loved it.

A door of opportunity is being swung wide open. Walk through it.

Each state will have a delegation of people who will help to share this information. I will likely be going  back to DC in the next few weeks to discuss Prison reform, and Counseling options for implementation. Pray for me. I know I am a bit old, but I am desperate to see the move of God again.

I am writing as fast as I can and hoping you can catch some of the excitement of what God is doing. Please pray for our leaders. You don’t have to like them to pray for them.


I want to take this opportunity to thank my pastor, Dr. Ben Graham and his wife Candace for having made this particular trip possible. It was historic and momentous to say the very least. So , God bless you pastor. We did have a ball.

May I also highly recommend DC as a family vacation. It’s inspiring and educational and it’s FREE. So take your family and allow them to experience something wonderful. ….and go to the Trump International Hotel and get the bacon…just trust me on the bacon.